Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Quotation of the day
"Two things are infinite: universe and the human silly thing; with regard to the universe I did not acquire the absolute certainty of it."
In Einstein.

Yet completely not curedJules is not given yet from his gastro-enteritis.If it were better Saturday, Sunday it made a small relapse, it had several times the diarrhoea and did not almost eat anything; Monday morning it has even vomit its feeding-bottle.For the moment it does not feed much, it refuses the panade, the soup or mashed potaties of vegetables. It wants only milk what is not the ideal to stop the diarrhoea.Jules is thus turned over in the doctor this midi:Etant Monday given that that has lasted for last Thursday and that there is a break in his curve of weight (Jules lost 90gr compared to its weight of the 20/01),le doctor proposed to make some examinations and to contact the pediatrist.Mom thus telephoned to the pediatrist who says to him not to worry, that for a baby one needs at least eight days to recover from gastro-enteritis.He thus proposes to await and renew contact with him if that does not improve within eight days.